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Rooftop Solar PV (+ Storage)

Our first ‘no brainer’ light bulb moment was to help residents and businesses expand their rooftop solar capacity. Everyone loves roof top solar! Over 2.2 million Australian households have solar PV installed on their roof. With prices dropping 10 – 15% p.a. there’s no stopping this energy revolution.

The average Australian postcode has 20% of homes enjoying the benefits of a solar PV system. The growth of adoption of solar in Apollo bay the last few years has been strong and many local conversations gave us the anecdotal data that there is a strong latent demand for more.

The last few years there has been a big increase in residential solar in Apollo Bay

In 2019 SOS joined forces with Mondo Power and City to Surf Solar, to offer the Apollo Bay Community Solar Program. Supported by an enthusiastic community the program achieved:

  • 110+ Free solar assessments

  • 50+ Solar PV systems Installed

  • 50 UBI management systems installed (ready for a potential Apollo Bay microgrid)

  • 12 Battery storage systems installed

  • >250kW capacity installed (av. 5.1 kW/household)

  • >110 kWh of storage (av. 9.0 kWh/household)

  • A 10 kW Solar system + 7 kWh battery storage donated by ‘Mondo’ & ‘City to Surf Solar’ respectively

Whilst individuals can still access the program by contacting us, SOS hopes to offer another round of the Community Solar Program in the near future.

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