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Geekie's solar system laid bare!

“Do you want me to put some clothes on before I take the photo?”

Even if you know Peter Geekie’s (Geeks) eccentric character, this still needs some explaining. Was it an unreasonable ask; ringing a mate at 7.00 AM, to interrogate him about his solar system? Maybe, but asking him to jump out of bed to take a rooftop solar selfie - on a chilly Apollo Bay morning – was probably pushing the friendship.

Installed 9 years ago and costing “around $10,000”, 3kW of solar panels power an all-electric home & shed, bar his gas stove. “I wanted to live a more sustainable life and renewable energy was an obvious start. Basically, I wanted to burn less coal.”

Were the economics an issue? “No, not at the time but having no power bills has been 9 years of pure joy. It has well and truly paid for itself in that time.”

Is your energy use different now? “Definitely! I’m less wasteful and I made some minor changes in my timing of use, for financial benefit. There’s also an ongoing conversation with my girls about energy use and the consequences for the environment.”

And maintenance Geeks? “Well I’ve cleaned them 3 times in 9 years – they’re probably due for a clean now.” Perhaps getting out of bed earlier, might give you cleaner panels? “Your unwelcome advice is pushing our friendship Matty – interview terminated!”

But then his photo arrived. Well - ooh la la! I’m not sure if I was titillated or traumatised but thank God for photoshop and soon he was safe for viewing.

Southern Otways Sustainable are partnering with Mondo Power & City to Surf Solar to help the Southern Otways move to renewable energy.

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