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Community Workshop 1

On the path to 100% renewable energy, we strongly believe the best outcomes will be guided by an interested and informed community. The Colac Otway Shire supported SOS in this belief with a $10,000 grant for a Renewable Energy Roadmap.

Using Apollo Bay as an example (as the toughest nut to crack) and BZE to guide us, 2

workshops were held with 20 representative locals. Of course, we wanted to hear further afield and in pandemic times a survey was the obvious choice to engage the broader community to gather further input and ideas.

Workshop 1

Two sessions with a total of 21 locals explored the potential opportunities and challenges of moving to an Apollo Bay community powered by 100% Renewable Energy. Attendees were drawn from the following categories: Business Owners, Banking, Local Government, Environmental and Community Groups, Health, Education, Renters, Holiday Property Owners, Young People

Below are the opportunities and challenges the group put forward, and the report written by Liz Franzmann summarising the outputs of the first workshop.

Download PDF • 337KB



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