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An informed and motivated Otways community taking bold and effective action for climate justice by protecting our coast and country
from the threat of unsustainable development.



Our History

Otways Climate Emergency Action Network (Ocean) formed in 2018. We are a not-for-profit community group of volunteers, frustrated and motivated by the lack of government action on climate change and the damage to our local Otway basin due to seismic blasting.

SOS operates on lands of the Gadubanud, or ’King Parrot’ people, who lived for many thousands of years along the coast and forested hinterlands of the Otway Ranges. Their first recorded contact with Europeans was in 1842 and by 1846 no further contact with settlers was recorded.  Well documented massacres left perhaps only a few Gadubanud survivors escaping to nearby missions.


European settlement brought farming, fishing and forestry communities but for some decades, these communities were serviced only by boat and a treacherous Bass Strait.


The Gadubanud were known as fiercely independent and self-reliant people. Today's Otway communities are said to share this character, in part perhaps, due to the nature of the country and its climate.

Our Vision

No new gas in the Otway Basin!

Our Projects

Our initiatives within Apollo Bay have brought us closer to attaining our vision. Explore the important work we're undertaking within the community by viewing our Projects and News pages above.

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Our Strategy

Driven by the failure of governments generally to address climate change, SOS has a 2 phase approach to reaching our vision.


Build on existing ‘Rooftop Solar’ capacity through community (Bulk Buy) programs.


Investigate ‘Beyond Rooftop Solar’ solutions (by initially developing a ‘Renewable Energy Roadmap’ with the community)

Our Partners
& Supporters

We are very thankful to our partners and supporters:

  • Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE, $5,000 in kind, technical support)

  • Colac Otway Shire  (COS, $10,000 Roadmap funding)

  • Liz Franzmann (Facilitation and Community Engagement)

  • Mondo Power (Industry guidance and support)

  • City to Surf Solar (Retail & Installation)

  • Powercor (local power data)

  • Barwon Region Alliance for Community Energy (BRACE)

  • The beautiful communities of Apollo Bay and the Southern Otways


It’s estimated Apollo Bay spends in excess of $4.5M on power, which is lost to the local economy each year, every year. This transition offers opportunities to empower our community in ways other than just the Renewable Energy goal.

Lisa Deppeler
SOS Treasurer

Market forces are driving a transition to renewable energy generation across the globe and falling storage costs are offering economic solutions to the intermittent nature of renewable power.

‘Micro-grids’ and ‘Virtual Power Plants’ further offer the potential for local energy trading.


Apollo Bay and its surrounds are ideally placed for this transition and with a seat at the table, we can ensure the benefits remain in our communities.